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Today, in honor of America’s birthday of July 4, 1776, I found a map that was made in the same year showing what the colonies and the surrounding land looked like as the American Revolution began.

The Bonne Map of Louisiana and the British Colonies in North America

Drawn by the Frenchman Rigobert Bonne, the map shows the British colonies that would become the first 13 states of the United States in the east, the British holdings in Canada to the north and west, the French territory of Louisiana west of the Mississippi, and beyond that, the Spanish territory of Mexico.  The east coast is mostly accurate, though southern Florida, where the everglades are, is depicted as an archipeligo, and Lake Superior is given some fictional islands.  It is also interesting to note the number of Native American names that can be found inland, many of which would be replaced by English names in the future.

Anyway, don’t spend today inside reading a blog, go out and enjoy the weather!  Happy 4th of July everyone!