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I’m constantly amazed at what can be made out of Lego blocks. Towers, battleships, death stars, you name it, there’s a Lego version. And now we have a whole movie (The Lego Movie) where the characters and scenery are all made entirely of Lego. This got me thinking about maps made out of lego, and I began looking for the most massive, impressive lego maps I could find.

Below is the result of my search for the ultimate Lego maps, and a remarkable testament to the versatility of those tiny, humble blocks.

1. The United States

This gigantic map of the United States was created during the World Children’s Festival in Washington, DC, in 2007.

2. Europe

After months of planning and building, this massive map of Europe was completed in 2010.  It includes 44 points of interest form around the continent.  Check out the link in the picture caption for pictures of the building process and closeups of each point of interest.

3. The Philippines

Completed last year to commemorate 115 years of independence, this lego map of the Philippines is on display in a shopping center in Davao City.  It has 50,000 lego blocks and took 8 months to complete.

4. The world

More than a million lego blocks went into this world map which was displayed at the South Bank Centre in London in 2012. From far away, it looks like any normal map, but if you look more closely, it takes on a more pixelated quality due to the legos.

5. The world, as a globe.

Not quite a map, but it’s still really cool to see a globe of the earth made up of legos. A simple google search shows that lego globes are actually far more common than I imagined.  Below is one that’s hanging from the ceiling of the Lego Store in the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN.

Lego Globe from the Mall of America (via Pat Nacke, http://s758.photobucket.com/user/patnacke/media/MOA7.jpg.html)