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Per the History Tech blog, full post below, Google is now offering a Maps Gallery featuring hundreds of highly informative maps submitted by government agencies or private organizations. The maps are overload on top of Google Maps, allowing one to digitally explore how historical areas in the map correlate to the present day. For example, you can view a map of Washington, DC, from 1851, when the National Mall just had the Washington Monument and one Smithsonian building, and then toggle to present day DC to see how the Mall has filled up with more buildings and monuments. Pretty cool!

History Tech

Google just keeps coming up with more cool stuff. And for all you map nerds, and history teachers, their new Maps Gallery is just the ticket.

Maps Gallery works like an interactive, digital atlas that lets you search for and find powerful, compelling maps. It’s much like the Gallery of tours you can find via the Google Earth tool. One of the biggest differences is that the Google Maps Gallery contains maps created by a variety of organizations, both public and private, and so you can find all sorts of maps, many mostly inaccessible to the public before now.

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