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Compared to fantasy maps, maps of real world cities can be kinda boring.  Streets and highways criss-cross the land, and empty spaces are few and far between.  Points of interest are indicated by dots, and parks are represented by bland green rectangles.  There is not much majesty or wonder in the standard city map, let alone dragons or castles.

Fortunately for us fantasy map nerds, one cartographer on Etsy set out to change that.  His name is Stentor Danielson, and he sells fantasy maps of American cities along with hand-cut paper street maps and custom order maps on his Etsy store page: Mapsburgh.

See familiar cities in a whole new light, as they might look if Tolkein had used them for the setting for an epic fantasy journey.  Now buildings are represented by towers and castles, parks look like enchanted forests filled with trees, and every mountaintop looks dark and foreboding.  The mystery and sense of adventure that has all but disappeared from cartography in the modern era is back to add some spice to otherwise bland city maps.

Have a look at a few of Danielson’s most impressive creations below:



Washington, DC:

For more, check out Danielson’s Etsy page: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Mapsburgh.  He also has maps of Cleveland and Philadelphia.  They sell for between $11 and $26, and for $69 you can order your own custom fantasy map, the perfect gift for any serious cartography nerd.

Happy mapping!