We can all agree (at least the vast majority of us) that the Earth is round.  And contrary to popular myth, we have known this for thousands of years, since the time of the ancient Greek geographer Eratosthenes.  If we sail far enough at sea, we will never fall over the edge, but continue traveling until we are back where we started again.

And yet, the myth of the flat earth still persists among a dedicated group of Flat Earthers, who believe that the whole idea of the round earth is a giant conspiracy, and gravity does not even exist.  Thousands of people subscribe to this view, and debate the arguments against them on an active online forum.

So, what if the Earth actually was flat?  The wonderful Vsause YouTube channel examines this possibility in the following clip, which applies scientific analysis to this idea.  One interesting piece of information is that, due to gravity, you would never actually fall off the edge of a flat Earth.  Gravity would keep your feet firmly on the ground even as your footsteps take you over the edge and onto the other side of the edge.  Do people actually believe in a flat Earth?  It seems that at least some do, but some are just kidding around, and it’s hard to actually tell the difference.  According to Poe’s law, parody of extremism and sincere extremism become very hard to distinguish as extremism increases.

Happy traveling during this holiday season, and no matter what you believe about the shape of the Earth, have no fear about falling off the edge!