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‘Tis the season for posting year-end lists!  2014 was quite a year for the Petros Jordan blog, as readership remained strong, and we expanded our scope to include such areas as book reviews, television analysis, and ever more unusual forms of cartography.  Here are the five most popular blog posts of the year:

1.  A Game of Thrones Conundrum: Should you Read the Books after Watching the TV Show?

With over 1300 views, this post was the most popular one published this year.  For those wondering, I’ve concluded that the answer is a resounding YES.  I am currently in book 3 of the series and greatly enjoying it, even after I have watched all seasons of the show.

2.  20 Ways to Split Europe.

20 Ways to Slice Europe (From “Atlas of Prejudice 2″, by Yanko Tsvetkov, via http://atlasofprejudice.tumblr.com/)

Humor and cartography were a potent combination with this post, as we learned to laugh at the many stereotypical divisions that cut through the European continent.

3.  Community: Introduction to Advanced Television.

The popularity of this post indicates the level of devotion that the groundbreaking, hilarious show Community enjoys.  After its cancellation by NBC, the fans began such a persistent online campaign for renewal, that it was finally picked up for a sixth season on Yahoo Screen.  New episodes will begin premiering some time in early 2015.

4.  The Flow of Time and Calendar Design.

In this post, we saw how calendars need not follow the same staid format, and the flow of time in fact can be represented in a multitude of unique ways.

5.  Why Do So Many Fantasy Maps Share This Feature?

Any good fantasy writer has to grapple with worldbuilding and cartography.  How does one make a fantasy realm that stands out among the crowd?  Well, for one, you may want to avoid having the ocean on the left and the land on the right, because that’s how the majority of fantasy worlds have been structured.  But why is that?  Well, you have to read the post to find out!

Here’s to another productive year!  Stay tuned for more maps, fantasy, writing, and who knows what else in 2015!