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When you hear the word “Scandinavia”, what do you think of?  Maybe you think about Vikings, fjords, and fish.  If you start to consider individual countries, you will probably think of Norway, Sweden, and Finland.  However, one of these countries is not technically a part of Scandinavia as it has traditionally been defined.  And it only gets weirder from there.

C.G.P. Grey, one of my favorite YouTube channels, explains why it is so difficult to delineate the borders of Scandinavia on the map in the following video.  As he explains, Scandinavia includes Denmark but not Finland, even though Finland is adjacent to Sweden and Norway.  If you want to refer to Norway, Sweden, and Finland together, you have to use the little-known term Fennoscandia.  Watch the whole video, it’s 4 minutes of fascinating fact nuggets on these Northern European nations that are sure to tickle any geography nerd.

Happy mapping!