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“America the Beautiful”, via Pundit From Another Planet, http://punditfromanotherplanet.com/2015/09/16/america-the-beautiful/

Americans are, by and large, exceptionally optimistic people.  They tend to dwell on the positive aspects of the country, ever proud of America’s wealth, abundant resources, hardworking people, etc.  However, I’ve still found it to be a universal truth that we Americans (and I especially) love to complain about the weather.  Whether it’s too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet, or too tornado-y, every region of the U.S. has something to gripe about, as the map above makes evident.

In my own home state of Connecticut, we have several months of “snow-covered moonscape”, but we’re also cursed with heat and humidity (i.e., “air made of hot soup”) in the summer months. And for good measure, we get the occasional hurricane terror and nightmare tornado.  Fortunately, we’re spared from volcanos, or “murder mountains”, on the East Coast.  Looking at all the threats that face you in every part of the country (except, perhaps, the “mystery belt”), where would you prefer to live?

There’s good and bad no matter where you live, but the grump will always focus on the negative.  At least in America, your negatives come in a variety, and you can pick and choose which environmental hazard you mind the least.

Until next time… happy mapping!